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Scalable, Intuitive, Extendable

When it comes to visual analytics you want a solution that embodies the most effective and up-to-date features.

Luckily our ChartFactor visual analytics software has got you covered!

Our technology agnostic approach makes it as easy as possible to integrate Chartfactor with your existing stack - allowing you to rapidly get up and running.

Our software’s impressive range of intuitive out-of-the-box features then allow users to easily create and explore visualisations on top of your product.

Our edge computing design allows data applications to scale to tens of thousands of users and petabytes of data - the only limitation being the scalability of your data engine itself.

Finally our software has been designed with extendability in mind - giving you the ability to embed your visualisations across a wide range of applications, and providing you with maximum reach and visibility.

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