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Choose the engagement model that better fits your business needs and build your advanced data applications with confidence

Our Data Application Articles

Team of software engineers at work
Project manager at work

Extended Team

When you chose this model, we work with you to assemble a team of engineers for your specific needs. They work directly with you, completely aligned with your culture and objectives.  You have access to great talent without the administration overhead.  This is a team that is not afraid to ask questions to make sure everyone is on the same page and it is able to think thru options and provide technical guidance.  Being on the same time zone makes it very easy to communicate with them throughout the day, as if they were at your office.

Managed Project

With this model, you'll have full project visibility without the management and administration overhead which allows you to focus more on project strategy and other important matters for your company.  We work with you to understand the project requirements and to build a backlog of activities that we will implement iteratively.  You receive frequent project updates and help us prioritize the activities to make sure important things are done first.  Being on the same time zone allows you to reach out to any team member throughout the day if needed. 

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