The lightweight visual analytics platform

Leading the transparent code approach for the rapid development of embedded visual analytics solutions.

Scalable data visualization applications with fewer lines of code

ChartFactor is not only high performance charts, it is a complete solution to aggregate and visualize your data. It complements your Big Data store to build scalable data visualization applications with fewer lines of code.

ChartFactor supports unlimited number of diverse users.  Its patent pending innovations provide a clear and concise programming model.


Visualize large amounts of data

Unlike solutions that pull and aggregate all data in the browser, ChartFactor delegates data aggregation to your data analytics engine, pulling only data presented to users based on their navigation.

ChartFactor can query your data streams, big data SQL and NoSQL engines directly.  It can also interact with your business intelligence tool and home-grown server APIs because of its extensible architecture.

A Flexible Solution

Tailor every aspect of your application to suit your requirements, your security infrastructure, your data, and the questions you need to answer.

Enable interactive data exploration with data filtering, drill-down and drill-up support.

ChartFactor is designed for big data from the start, be that SQL or NoSQL.


ChartFactor is compatible with web-based and mobile frameworks such as Angular, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, Ionic, React Native, and others. 

ChartFactor fits any IT and Security environment.  ChartFactor applications work on any device and in all common browsers, to reach all users.


You already have a Business Intelligence tool? ChartFactor easily integrates with it to implement your most demanding requirements

Get started with ChartFactor

Develop beautiful data applications in record time


Community Access

Our Community Access opens the door to a wealth of functionality that you can use to rapidly create your next generation data applications.  

With ChartFactor, your data applications will be expressive, interactive and visually exciting. 

Standard and Enterprise

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