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Our Data Application Articles


Your users get to visually interact with your data product months ahead of time when compared with any other alternative and at a fraction of the cost


Deploy your data application in any cloud environment using the technologies of your choice


Only if you see value, we iterate to incorporate additional product requirements


After our initial conversation, we create a prototype with your data for free to ensure real results

How do we do it?

Embeddability any time you need it, no per-user pricing

Scalability to thousands of users and petabytes of data

Amazing collection of interactive standard and geo visualizations

Custom charts with no constraints

Premium support available

Visual analytics in record time

Visual analytics experience

We have years of experience building interactive visual analytics applications

High velocity implementation

Rapid development puts your application in production at a fraction of the time and looking exactly as you envision

High user and data scalability

Scale from 1 to thousands of users and petabytes of data, only limited by the scalability of your data engine

Why Aktiun?

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Technology Agnostic
ChartFactor data applications

Visual analytics for your product in record time

Save with flexible, powerful, scalable, and interactive visual analytics applications that look exactly the way you want

We prototype your application for free, no risk, no obligation

ChartFactor is the world's #1 lightweight visual analytics platform. No one beats our capabilities.

ChartFactor, freshly built with the latest advances in software architecture and design, enables not only embedded BI but also serverless BI, removing the cost and complexity of integrating a traditional BI tool. ChartFactor's edge computing design means that your data application can scale to tens of thousands of users and petabytes of data, only limited by the scalability of your data engine.

Proud Databricks Technology Partner

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