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Good communication

"Good communication doesn't just happen; it is the result of good design" - Stephen Few

Great data visualization is all about communication - whether that’s revealing new problems that need to be solved or providing innovative solutions to existing ones.

But intuitive visual communication doesn’t just happen, it requires the use of data visualization software that allows the user to explore and manipulate their data without unnecessary limitations or complications. It must also then allow them to easily share their explorations with others.

That’s why @Aktiun have designed our ChartFactor solution with a range of highly flexible built-in components and features that allow users to explore and manipulate their data in as much depth and breadth as they need to - including in real-time.

It’s also why we have designed our software in a technology agnostic, easily embeddable and highly scalable fashion that makes sharing, growing and developing these visualizations as fast and effortless as possible.

The end result?

A Data Visualization solution that facilitates the creation, sharing and exploring of highly powerful and intuitive visual applications.

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