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We do Visualizations, Geospatial Systems, and Big Data technologies

Our Data Application Articles

Connected data applications
Data streaming in multiple systems

Advanced Data Applications

Advanced data applications should be secured, available, performant and highly scalable. Let us reduce your risk, time to value, and cost with our team of experienced engineers.

Web-based Geospatial Applications

Build your next generation web-based geospatial system that includes mobile platforms as first class citizens.

Mobile phone rendering a geospatial app

Real-time Streaming Analytics

Make sure your product thrives with a robust data streaming architecture to match your ambitions.  Combine it with your existing data for consolidated up-to-date results.  Analyze and respond to events in real-time at Big Data scale. 

Mobile Development

The world is now seen through mobile.  Let us create a mobile app that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Automated Software Testing

Ship your product with confidence and as frequently as needed.  Let us build automated software test suites that ensure your software is always right.

Multiple mobile devices and apps

Performance QA

Understand the current thresholds of your software thru different performance testing techniques.

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