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Intuitive Visual Exploration

Transform Your Data into Visual Insights!

ChartFactor transforms your data into visual masterpieces, enabling you to see patterns, connections, and opportunities that were once hidden: allowing Product Owners and Managers to experience the true power of data visualization and turn their insights into action!

Our fast, intuitive visual analytics software has been designed to help you seamlessly explore your existing data, regardless of your underlying data architecture.

Our ever-growing range of features allow users to explore, organise and transform the data in whichever way is most impactful and exciting to them.

What’s more, ChartFactors' highly embeddable design means that you can then take these data journeys and turn them into individual applications, hosted across a range of technologies and mediums!

Are you ready to unravel the untold stories within your data? Reach out to us today and embark on a transformative data visualization experience with ChartFactor!

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