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ChartFactor Fall 2023 Release

The Fall 2023 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics Platform is now out. Packed full of customer-driven improvements and providing amazing value for our community users, it is available right now at!

Using our new ChartFactor Studio’s OpenAI integration (beta), you can now generate table and field descriptions in addition to chart suggestions that you can add to your Studio app with the push of a button. It requires a valid OpenAI API token that you can provide in the AI Suggestions' Settings section.

ChartFactor’s new Databricks integration allows you to easily and securely visualize data stored in your Databricks data warehouse. And our Geo Map now supports 3D models in glTF format. It also brings support for custom polygons and distance filters for markers and heatmap layers. Similar to Geohash queries, this filter functionality is available where supported by the data engine. Scatter Plot and Box Plot have now been enhanced to support no-group configurations. And trends include enhancements to the data-zoom and auto-drill-in functionality.

ChartFactor Studio now allows for long chart descriptions that users can provide themselves or else modify when the description is AI-generated. Our chart editor includes the ability to drag/drop groups or metrics to change their order when your chart has more than one group or metric respectively. And starting with this release, there is no trial limit for our ChartFactor Studio Desktop downloads.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest ChartFactor Toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and learn everything there is to know about ChartFactor at

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