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The Cutting-Edge of Data Visualization

Do you want a high-quality, easily embeddable data visualization solution as soon as possible?

For Product Owners and Managers who need to generate high-quality, intuitive and powerful data visualizations, speed and flexibility are key.

At @Aktiun we understand the need to have a solution that is ready to implement as soon as possible, whilst also making sure that it is powerful and adaptable enough to be able to meet any future requirements.

That’s why our ChartFactor data visualization software has been designed with a technology agnostic mindset, using edge computing principles in order to ensure that it works easily with whatever setup you are currently using and can be scaled-up or down at will.

So, if you are looking for a data visualization solution that can be up and running in minimal time whilst also being extremely fast, flexible and powerful then why not consider ChartFactor?

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