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ChartFactor - Cell antennas in the US

Interested in how ChartFactor’s fully customizable and embeddable Geo Map can render 3D content while working with other visualizations to present large amounts of data?

Check out this ChartFactor application!

It allows users to visualize 7.4 million Cell Antennas across the United States. Users can zoom-in and navigate in an immersive 3D environment, filter antennas by any parameter, by polygon shapes, or by distance from a specific point, while also reviewing antenna details individually or in aggregate.

It takes advantage of our ChartFactor's embeddable Geo Map feature to display 3D models plus its interactive visualizations to help show distributions by operator, radio technology, construction date, and signal range.

Data stored in OpenSearch, base map tiles provided by MapTiler and OpenStreetMap.

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