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US Airline Customer Experience

With social media becoming a channel of choice, US Airlines customer experience from tweets is streaming day and night, and you can now visualize it using our publicly available US Airlines Customer Experience app.

Visualize the best and worst performing airlines by percent and volume. View live tweets and also replay history. Identify top entities and phrases, analyze specific categories and sentiments, narrow down negative sentiment to specific themes and airlines, and see volume trends and KPI comparisons!

The main components of this solution are:

  • ChartFactor, the lightweight embedded analytics platform, enabling the rapid development of advanced data applications using its powerful glass box approach

  • Amazon Comprehend, a cloud-based NLP service identifying entities, key phrases, performing sentiment analysis and allowing to easily create and train your own ML models

  • Open Distro for Elasticsearch providing fast searches and aggregations

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at

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