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Taking You on a Data Journey

Did you know that ChartFactor Studio is available in a desktop version and it’s FREE to download?

Our latest desktop version offers the same scalability and flexibility as the web application, but with even more convenience. 

When working on smaller scale projects, creating prototypes, or dealing with sensitive data that cannot be hosted externally, the local data engine that ChartFactor Studio Desktop brings out-of-the-box is more than powerful enough to meet all of your needs. 

What’s more, when using the inbuilt engine you can get to work immediately by simply uploading your CSV data files directly - no extra setup required.

And for larger, more complex datasets and for those times when greater collaboration and scalability are required, ChartFactor Studio Desktop can easily connect to major cloud data engines like BigQuery and Databricks as well!

Empower your team with a highly intuitive, embeddable analytics tool that brings data to life on your desktop. Start your journey towards smarter decisions today.

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