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Monthly Residential Real Estate Inventory - State and County

Ever seen US residential real estate inventory data displayed all in one place?

We’ve used our software ChartFactor to visualise this data at both state and county levels - watch the 1 minute video below to see how it’s done!

Want to explore the data for yourself? You can try it here:

Features to note:

  • Drill-in across tables: the data published by resides in separate tables: the state table for state-level metrics and the county table for county-level metrics. ChartFactor allows you to configure drill-ins that span multiple tables in addition to geojson shapes, zoom levels, map centers between other visualization properties.

  • End-users can easily switch between metrics such as Active Listings, Median Days on the Market, Median Listing Price, and many more metrics available in these datasets. The ChartFactor Field Selector component enables metric selection for individual charts or for a group of charts.

  • Maintain the same colors for states and counties across trend lines, bars, and word cloud visualizations. ChartFactor allows you to assign colors to attribute values for color consistency across the charts you choose.

  • End-users can filter by any month without being allowed to remove the month filter. ChartFactor enables you to easily declare “required” filter restrictions, no imperative programming needed.

  • End users can select a county only after selecting a state. If users select a county, for example using the “County Name” table column filter, before selecting a state, they get an error message. ChartFactor enables you to easily declare a “depends on” filter restriction for these scenarios, no imperative programming needed.

What do you think - did ChartFactor help to give you a clearer picture of this dataset?

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