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Fast, Intuitive, Powerful

Updated: May 25, 2023

Is your Data Visualisation solution as Fast, Intuitive and Powerful as it could be?

At @Aktiun we believe that an ideal visual analytics solution should be a versatile and intuitive tool that is capable of solving whatever problem is presented to it. That’s why our ChartFactor software is built to offer Product Owners and Managers the following capabilities, amongst others, to build the visual analytics side of their data products:

Prototype - A fast, iterative process of Prototyping allows us to quickly provide an interactive example of what is possible.

Build - Next, a visual application can be built and modified according to the Product Owner’s specific needs - with the inbuilt flexibility necessary to allow users to explore the data in whatever ways they need to.

Embed - Your Data Visualisation applications can then be embedded across a wide range of different mediums, allowing you to showcase them however you desire.

Scale - Our lightweight and flexible software allows Product Owners to effortlessly scale their Data Visualization applications as their user base grows and changes.

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