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Extensible, scalable, lightweight

No matter what business you're in, data is a critical part of understanding what's happening and making decisions. But turning data into insights is not always easy - that's where data visualization and exploration tools come in.

There are many data visualization solutions out there. However, given the range of data engines, architectures, datasets and problems that they have to cope with, many fail to achieve the fast and flexible experience that professionals are looking for.

ChartFactor has been designed to be highly-extensible and scalable out of the box. By only pulling the data that needs to be presented to the user at any given time, ChartFactor ensures end-users have a smooth, seamless experience. And its lightweight design means you can use it to quickly generate stand-alone presentations or integrate it with existing tools.

Unlike many other existing solutions, ChartFactor has been designed with the principle of ease-of-use and interactivity top of mind - without sacrificing power or project scope either.

So if you're looking for a data visualization and exploration solution that is fast, flexible and easy to use, ChartFactor is the answer. Get in touch today to find out more!

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