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DIY data visualization?

After looking at the potential costs and downsides of using an existing Business Intelligence (BI) solution, you might be tempted to have a go at designing one for yourself.

But too many times Product Managers attempt to DIY their data visualisation and BI solutions and then end up wasting years getting lost, before finally giving up and spending large amounts on a pre-existing BI solution that is often too expensive, constrained and complex for their existing needs.

Unfortunately, most of the open source solutions present problems of their own - whether it is a lack of visualisation options and support, the need for excessive data wrangling to get the desired results or the requirement to use a specific server or cloud service in order to make them work.

But there is another way!

ChartFactor is a data visualisation solution that has been designed with all of these problems in mind.

It includes a wide range of components that are easy to use out-of-the-box, comprising all the functionalities you need to make your data come alive in record time - from trend charts and KPIs to complex tables with column statistics and column filters as well as geo visualisations with multiple layers of tiles and data.

As far as which data engine you choose to use, ChartFactor is basically agnostic: allowing you to build your visualisations on top of whichever engine you are already using! In addition, the edge computing design of the software means you can scale the number of users and data as much as you need to, with the only limit being the scalability of your data engine itself.

What’s more, ChartFactor allows Product Owners to easily add additional features, like authentication and admin functions without any unnecessary difficulty or excessive downtime.

What features do you think are most important when choosing a data visualisation or BI solution?

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