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ChartFactor September 2022 Release

We are proud to present the September 2022 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics platform, the most powerful solution for embedded visual analytics.

Continuing with our simplicity and effortlessness theme, you can now configure Field Selectors and Group Legends with a beautiful user interface. Field Selectors allow your users to easily select metrics and attributes for the visualizations you choose. Group Legends allow you to have a single legend for a group of visualizations to save space.

A simple yet powerful UI allows you to render metric values on top of visualization shapes. It includes automatic coloring driven by the shape's color and auto-rotation depending on the width of the shape. You can easily override these defaults to specify your own colors, text alignments, text position, between others.

The Interaction Manager brings a more compact look and you can hide it or fix it at the top to have your current filters always visible as you scroll through your dashboard.

You can now use Markdown as well as HTML to format your chart titles. Widgets also bring a new pull-down menu to save space as well as a "hide title" option, useful when widgets don't need a title.

Our Postgres/Redshift data provider brings Geohash queries support. Plus improvements across components such as Trend, Area Line, and Text Search between others.

And because of its transparent code approach, everything you do in ChartFactor Studio is reflected on the underlying code in real-time so that you can either copy/paste the code of a specific widget or generate a full Javascript app that you can publish in the web server of your choice.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, ChartFactor Py, download the latest ChartFactor Toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at

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