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ChartFactor - Let us build it for you

There is no doubt that many are feeling the squeeze.

In many large and medium-sized organisations, budgets need to be far more efficiently allocated in order to deal with decreased overall funding and rising inflationary pressures.

Previously, many organisations opted for a ‘build it yourself’ approach when looking for a data visualisation tool.

Whilst there are some advantages to this route, it often results in an end-product that lacks features and comes at a massive cost that simply isn't sustainable in the current economic climate.

The good news is that there is another way!

If you are looking for an elegant data-visualisation solution that is highly-embeddable, user-friendly and cost-effective then why not consider ChartFactor?

Our platform makes use of your existing data engines to allow you to create light-weight, highly customisable data visualisations which can draw upon both historical and real-time data.

In addition, ChartFactor allows you to easily generate embeddable applications, allowing you to share your interactive visualisations across multiple assets or organisations as well!

Check out ChartFactor Studio, ChartFactor Py, download the latest ChartFactor Toolkit, access documentation, and everything about ChartFactor at

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