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ChartFactor June 2022 Release

The June 2022 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics Platform is now available, focusing on simplicity and effortlessness for ChartFactor Studio and ChartFactor Py as well as powerful new features for embedded visual analytics use cases.

The ChartFactor Studio UI now allows you to easily assign specific colors to attribute values, metric ranges, and to enable automatic color range generation. This functionality was previously available only using the code editor.

You can also use the Studio UI to specify if you'd like to highlight a selected element in a visualization (e.g. bar chart) while keeping the other elements in view instead of removing filtered-out elements. This functionality was also previously available only using the code editor.

Thanks to our new ICU (intelligent code updater) engine introduced in our previous release, ChartFactor Studio's glass-box approach can now accurately merge code changes in realtime as users interact with their dashboard without the need of code markers. You can literally see how your application code takes shape as you interact with your app's widgets!

ChartFactor Py on Jupyter Lab now supports sharing fully interactive apps in notebook files for easy collaboration and version control. ChartFactor Py enables interactive visualizations on your Pandas DataFrames without moving or exporting your data and without you having to write code.

On the ChartFactor Toolkit side, Slicers as well as Column Filter components now allow users to quickly find and select any data item no matter how big the dataset. Drilling configurations can now span multiple sources so that you don't need to accommodate your data to implement these special cases. And the enhanced filter restriction functionality now enforces parent/child filter relations not only when adding/removing filters but also when enabling/disabling them, triggering notification events when these rules are not met.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, ChartFactor Py, download the latest ChartFactor Toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at

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