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ChartFactor April 2021 Release

The ChartFactor team is proud to present the April 2021 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics Platform, the most powerful solution for embedded visual analytics. It brings a wealth of customer-driven features and enhancements.

The new geomap multi-layer support combined with geohash queries enables fast rendering of huge amounts of location data. Configure multiple layers of markers, shapes, proportional circles, and tiles, declaratively and imperatively, using static and dynamic data. Specify geohash query precisions for different zoom levels with automatic zoom, center, and reclustering.

The Time Slider brings play and pause programmatic events, a "fit selection" option, and streaming data performance improvements. And the new Data List widget provides an easy way to render streaming data with pixel-perfect formatting.

Elasticsearch's routing support allows you to efficiently partition and search large amounts of data across shards. And ChartFactor Studio's new bulk application import/export plus folder functionality allows you to easily share and organize your applications.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at

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