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ChartFactor April 2020 Release

The April 2020 release of ChartFactor, the lightweight visual analytics platform, is now available, bringing more value to your visual analytics projects and increasing its lead as the best visual analytics platform in the market.

This release adds Snowflake to its growing list of data providers. You can visualize data directly from Snowflake in a secure and lightweight fashion. On the interactivity side, you can now replay multiple insights instantly using dashboard saved filters. Our time slider brings new features such as its single-period mode that ensures users select only a single period when the dataset requires it. It also guides users to either play the current preset or start playing from the selected time window. And many more interactive refinements across charts.

The new File Upload feature easily uploads your csv, tsv, and json files to visualize your local data within ChartFactor Studio. And the new Electron App installer for Mac and Windows allows you to work offline in the same way as you do on web browsers.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at https://chartfactor.com.


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