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ChartFactor December 2019 Release

ChartFactor December 2019 Release

The December 2019 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics Platform is now available, increasing ChartFactor's lead as the best visual analytics platform in the market while providing amazing value with its free community edition, instantly accessible at

This release brings many visualization enhancements. You can now add markers to bar charts that include images, different font sizes, and colors. And many more charts provide new ways to represent filtered data while also visualizing contextual data.

ChartFactor Node, our server-side option, brings payload optimizations and support for the BigQuery data provider. And the KSQL data provider brings improved error handling, node environment support, and a docker compose configuration to remove CORS issues during deployment.

ChartFactor Studio allows you to switch to manual mode when editing visualizations, very useful for slow sources. It automatically detects slow sources and suggests to use this feature! The export file format is more compact and backwards compatible.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at

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