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ChartFactor October 2019 Release

The October 2019 release of ChartFactor, the Lightweight Visual Analytics Platform, is now available, bringing more value to your visual analytics projects!

This release adds Redshift to its growing list of data providers plus the ability to execute them on the browser or server side. On the interactivity side, you can dynamically change visualization features depending on drill-in values. And our automatic color range calculation option using the Jenks Fisher natural breaks classification algorithm means that your chart color ranges will always look great as you explore and narrow down your insights.

You'll find our new Tree chart, great for hierarchical data, and many refinements across charts. Pie/Donut for example, allows you to render labels outside or inside slices, have label colors adjust depending on the slice background color, and responsive behavior to only print the slice labels that fit. And Studio's "maximized view" allows you to render charts full screen while Studio CLI includes many look and feel improvements for your generated apps.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at #visualanalytics #embeddedanalytics #davavisualization

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