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ChartFactor 1.11 Released

The March 2019 release of ChartFactor is now available!

This new release extends ChartFactor’s lead as the best solution to bring visual analytics to data products. It introduces what in our opinion is the most advanced time slider in the market, packed with a ton of functionality including zoom-in/zoom-out, flexible presets, and a data player for historical re-play and streaming data in near real-time across all data providers. This complements ChartFactor’s existing real time streaming visualization functionality with its native KSQL support.

On the visualizations side, our extensive array of visualizations now includes the Sankey diagram. And ChartFactor’s robust color support is also expanded, allowing users to assign fixed colors to specific field values across charts. When coloring by metric values, our latest release adds support for color ranges in addition to previously supported metric-driven gradients.

And as expected, all these features are fully integrated in ChartFactor Studio so that you can easily prototype your data applications with these components. Go to this link: to start using ChartFactor Studio now.

You can also access documentation, release notes, and download our latest version at

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