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Embedded Business Intelligence: Could it be also Serverless?

Embedded BI offers simple, actionable insights within your data products without having to build your own analytics platform. Until recently, however, integrating a BI tool also meant significant integration and operational costs, complexity, and time to market in months and years instead of days and weeks.

ChartFactor, freshly built with the latest advances in software architecture and design, enables not only embedded BI but also serverless BI, removing the cost and complexity of integrating a traditional BI tool.

In this video, I present a custom application that interacts with the New York 311 Calls dataset. The dataset is daily updated and publicly available through the Google BigQuery data engine. It includes nearly 20 million New York 311 calls from January 2010 up to yesterday.

This custom data application illustrates how easy it is to embed out-of-the-box ChartFactor visualization and interactivity components into data products. It also shows how easy it is to create custom charts using ChartFactor such as the custom KPI widget. Here is the high level architecture of this data application:

Note that while most BI solutions crumble under load, ChartFactor applies edge computing concepts to minimize the volume of data that must be moved. It pushes down data aggregations to the data engine and only brings data presented to users based on their navigation. ChartFactor's edge computing design means that your data application can scale to tens of thousands of users and petabytes of data, only limited by the scalability of your data engine. In this case, we are using Google Cloud's world-scale infrastructure.

Finally, advanced data applications must be securable. This application leverages the Google Cloud security model to enable your organization to keep secure and compliant.

For more information on advanced data applications and ChartFactor, visit us at

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