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Presenting ChartFactor Community Access

London Fire Brigade Calls Application by Aktiun Engineering

ChartFactor is a powerful tool for data analysis that allows you to query data from different types of data engines to visualize it and interact with it in different ways depending on your needs, all this without requiring additional servers or infrastructure. In this article I walk you through the resources available with the recently announced ChartFactor Community Access.

ChartFactor includes the following resources:

Toolkit ChartFactor Toolkit provides all the needed pieces to speed up the implementation of your data applications: the modules to interact with your big data engines, the visualizations that you want to render, the interactivity between them, all in well-defined components that you can configure in any way you want.

Knowledge base ChartFactor provides lots of features and possibilities. Our knowledge base is written by the same team that builds ChartFactor and provides a wealth of information to guide you in the creation of your data applications. It also includes an powerful search tool to quickly find the topic you are looking for.

Live demos This is a collection of approximately thirty applications that are actually running and that you can interact with. You can also review their source code in the same page or choose to run the application in full screen mode.

Forum Here you can directly ask questions to the ChartFactor team and also share your data application successes with us.

Studio This is a high-performance dashboarding environment and at the same time, it is a container of ChartFactor components where you can quickly prototype your data applications. All components are exposed as code and you can export, share and version control your ChartFactor Studio applications if needed. We even include a sample application visualizing the London Fire Brigade Calls data. You can start using this sample app right after connecting to Google BigQuery.

The video below shows these resources, including how to get started with Studio.

In Summary, ChartFactor Community Access opens the door to a wealth of functionality that you can use to rapidly create your next generation data applications. We are very pleased to provide free access to these ChartFactor resources.

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