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Mobile Applications with Ionic 2 and Zoomdata

At Aktiun, we tried the preview release of Ionic 2 which is based on Angular 2 together with the Zoomdata query API. This video describes two mobile applications we developed for this test.

The first one is similar to the dashboards mobile application we initially wrote in Ionic 1, now using Ionic 2 and Echarts 3. The original application rendered three dashboards, Real Time Sales, Peer Lending, and Ticket Sales. We added:

  • A Dashboard search bar

  • Favorite and Share options on sliding list items

  • Badge component to indicate the number of favorite items

  • A popover menu to select different dashboard themes

The second mobile application renders Zoomdata dashboards dynamically in a mobile-optimized fashion. It features panels that can be swiped horizontally to reveal the data behind the visualization. They can also be swiped vertically to go thru different dashboard visualizations. This application was developed using Ionic 2, Angular 2, Echarts 3 and TypeScript.

In Summary, Ionic 2, the Zoomdata Query API, together with Aktiun are a powerful combination to develop data-driven and secured mobile applications.

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