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Your Data, our Visual Magic

Most Product Managers and Owners want a powerful, flexible and intuitive visual analytics solution which they can have built on top of their existing data product and they want it to be easy to use and maintain as well.

But the unfortunate reality is that too many of them end up spending inordinate amounts of money for months and end up with a product they cannot even deploy or maintain.

Using our ChartFactor software, however, we have been able to help product owners and managers by building cutting-edge visual analytics on top of their existing data product in record time.

They are then provided with a platform that can be used to generate powerful, interactive visualisations - allowing users to explore and exploit their data in real-time and giving them the ability to easily embed their presentations in other, stand-alone applications as well!

So if you want a visual analytics platform that enables users to exploit their data in a range of powerful and intuitive ways and you want it implemented quickly and seamlessly on top of your existing data product as well, then ChartFactor is the solution for you!

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