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To Build or Not to Build?

When it comes to selecting a Business Intelligence (BI) solution for your data product’s needs, ‘Buy or Build?’ is often the first question that product managers and owners end up asking themselves.

But whichever of these options they decide upon presents further problems of its own.

Purchasing an existing BI product is usually an extremely expensive choice and often ties you down to a number of less than ideal conditions: whether its a lengthy integration process with specialised user management and security frameworks, the need to load your existing data into proprietary structures or the necessity of purchasing dedicated (and often expensive) computing infrastructure to process your data.

All of this means that those who opt for most existing BI solutions end up with a tool that is far from as smooth, flexible and easy-to-use as it could be.

However, building your own solution can often be an even costlier choice, especially in terms of time: as you try to wrestle with the numerous features that are necessary to create a suitable product and find yourself having to add feature after feature whenever your product’s needs and data requirements change.

This means that it often comes down to a choice between time or money and which you are most happy to lose for a result that is usually not what you had originally wanted anyway!

Luckily, ChartFactor has been designed to overcome both of these issues - providing product managers with a lightweight, flexible data visualisation tool that also allows for almost endless integration, modification and scalability as well.

Our core aim is to enable users to generate, modify and embed interactive data visualisations built on top of their existing data: allowing them to generate the insights they need to succeed in record time!

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