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ChartFactor September 2021 Release

The September 2021 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics Platform is now available, adding powerful customer-driven features while providing amazing value to our community users.

With our new release, you can now generate your advanced data applications straight from ChartFactor Studio. Select a single dashboard or many dashboards for multi-tab applications. Our Studio's file upload function is also improved to allow you to copy/paste/download the generated Python script so that you can modify it as needed when uploading your data.

Our Geo Map visualization increases its wealth of functionality by adding shape multi-selection for choropleth maps that work together with drill-in configurations and client filters. And true to our pixel-perfect philosophy, our Geo Map now provides fully configurable shape and shape border styles such as color, thickness, and opacity between others. Its WMS headers are now configurable to support your secured Geo WMS services. Plus you can now configure its Heat Map option to dynamically switch to map markers when reaching "raw" level according to your geohash query configuration.

Our Raw Data table now brings column filtering functionality. This powerful option allows you to slice and dice your data directly from your table columns no matter their type. Great time saver when creating your data cohorts! Column components are fully configurable and you can also provide your own. And its new column totals option saves you space and time. Plus you can easily render header icons instead of labels all in a declarative way.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, download the latest toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and everything about ChartFactor at

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