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ChartFactor January 2023 Release

The January 2023 release of the ChartFactor Visual Analytics Platform is now available, bringing more customer-driven features and improvements that accelerate the creation of powerful interactive data applications - extending its lead as the best solution to embed visual analytics to your data products.

You can now use the Studio UI to create interactive Geo Maps that are multi-layer, multi-source, and multi-data-engine. You can also easily configure different layer types such as shapes, markers, heatmaps, proportional circles, and WMS tiles. You can select metrics, color palettes, color ranges, legends, shape opacities, animation, zoom-driven visibility among many other features. You can interactively manage layer visibility and priority using our new Layers Control and supporting massive amounts of data on your map is no problem either, thanks to our zoom-driven-precision geo-hash queries!

Sankey diagrams and Tree diagrams can now be created in seconds using the Studio UI whilst the Raw Data Table editor brings productivity enhancements and our Markup widget adds more editing tools, all of this improving simplicity and effortlessness.

What’s more, ChartFactor’s powerful embedding capability allows you to easily embed all this functionality, thanks to its transparent code approach where all your Studio interactions are immediately reflected in code.

You can enjoy ChartFactor Studio, ChartFactor Py, download the latest ChartFactor Toolkit, access documentation, release notes, and learn everything about ChartFactor at

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