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A fresh take on data visualization

Do you find yourself frustrated that you can’t easily present your product’s data to your users in a way that is attractive, persuasive and powerful?

Your product has access to excellent data and your data science team is creating insightful statistics and models which you need to share with your users, whether that be through an interactive dashboard or powerful and engaging visualisations.

But turning existing data into something presentable can be challenging, to say the least!

Attempting to integrate existing Business Intelligence solutions can be both expensive and challenging - with many requiring their own proprietary infrastructure, making your data pipeline more complex and your data harder to explore in real-time!

Personally, I think this is an old-fashioned way to approach data visualisation.

For most data products nowadays, speed, flexibility and ease of use are priorities when it comes to generating and exploring data visualisations. They also don’t want to be slowed down by lengthy implementation efforts, or be unnecessarily tied down to a particular type of architecture or be forced to navigate complex and hard-to-understand procedures in order to start exploring the data they already possess.

Here at @Aktiun we understand the priorities of data products when it comes to enabling their users to exploit their data, that’s why our ChartFactor software has been designed to be as lightweight, intuitive and flexible as possible, without sacrificing any power or scalability in the process!

So, if you want a data visualisation solution that can work with the data engine you already use whilst being easily modified, scaled and embedded in other applications, then you need to check out ChartFactor!

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