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At @Aktiun, we understand that effective data visualization is more than just creating charts; it's about offering an intuitive, smooth, and powerful experience. That's why ChartFactor is designed with your needs in mind, prioritizing ease of use and impactful insights. 

Instant Deployment: Generate and deploy data apps in any cloud environment, effortlessly.

Code Transparency: Changes in your visualization are instantly reflected in code, offering unparalleled ease in recreating functionalities without fussing over menus.

AI-Suggested Visualizations: Jumpstart your data exploration with AI-driven insights, requiring only an OpenAI API token.

Our mission with ChartFactor is clear: to remove technological barriers and empower users with tools that make data visualization as effective as it should be. Because at @Aktiun, we believe technology should enhance your capabilities, not hinder them.

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