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Innovative Combinations

Nowadays, many users leverage powerful open-source tools like Jupyter notebooks to help with their data exploration and sharing needs.

Nonetheless many data visualization tools are not designed to work with them.

Enter ChartFactor Py!

With ChartFactor Py, you can build on top of Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterLab and Pandas Dataframes to effortlessly craft stunning web-based visualizations and then dive into your data together with the interactive ChartFactor Studio canvas.

Easily visualize column statistics, create multiple charts, and seamlessly filter between them!

The "Copy Code" function then lets you effortlessly transfer your key findings across different cells - all without the hassle of coding or Googling syntax. 

Imagine the power of combining the versatility of Jupyter notebooks with the intuitive capabilities of ChartFactor Studio!

Discover the perfect synergy between open source exploration and ChartFactor Studio – where data storytelling meets simplicity.

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