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ChartFactor Spring Release 5.0 is Here!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of ChartFactor Studio 5.0 Spring Release with a bouquet of new features and enhancements that will help springboard your data analytics to the next level! Here's what's new:

  • Local Uploads in ChartFactor Studio Desktop: Say goodbye to cumbersome setups! Easily upload your CSV files directly into the Studio for immediate visualization. With automatic data type suggestions and a handy "Manage" tab for file management, your data analysis workflow just got a whole lot smoother.

  • Studio Desktop Auto-Update & Apple M Chip Support: Keeping your Studio up-to-date is effortless with our new auto-update feature. Plus, Mac users with M chip can enjoy enhanced performance thanks to our new installer tailored for Silicon.

  • Databricks Integration & Security: Easily share your applications without sharing your Personal Access Token (PAT) thanks to our improved Databricks integration.

  • Enhanced AI Chart Suggestions (beta): Our AI-driven chart suggestions are now more robust, offering you an even wider array of visualization options.

  • Studio Home Page Application Descriptions: You can now add descriptions to your applications right from the home page. A simple use of the context menu brings a new layer of organization and clarity to your projects.

And many more improvements including pinned columns support for our tables, additional configuration options for column statistics, enhanced mobile support for table column filters, improved data zoom and client filters for the Heatmap visualizations, and improved field selector component to better support Geo Map layers

Spring into action with ChartFactor Studio 5.0 and let your data visualization projects bloom!

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