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ChartFactor - Analysing data across time

One of the issues we encounter, when exploring data, is knowing which timeframe is going to be most appropriate for our needs.

Making use of data sets from previous time periods may provide useful insights, or it may simply generate a lot of meaningless noise.

On the other hand, without the ability to analyse current and developing trends - and then compare these with historical ones - our data sets often lack the context that can help to make them truly insightful.

ChartFactor allows users to make this decision for themselves.

Our lightweight architecture allows users to visualise data as it comes in, allowing them to analyse dynamic processes even as they are changing and evolving in real-time.

It also offers the ability to replay historical data sets on user-defined timescales.

This means you can compare data sets from a wide range of timeframes, including the present: giving you the fullest possible picture of your data!

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