How to instantly create advanced data applications with the Studio CLI

At Aktiun, we recently introduced the Studio CLI to save you time when creating advanced data applications. It translates Studio dashboards into native web applications with code that is easy to understand and make it your own. The generated application includes all the visualizations and interactivity of the original Studio dashboard. No limit exists on how many sources can be used within an application. End-users are able to interact, filter, drill-in, and drill-thru across all sources. And it gets even better, Studio CLI generates multi-tab applications when multiple Studio dashboards are provided. For example, users may want to divide up their application in separate sections or tabs rat

Embedded visual analytics: a transparent code approach

While some BI tools support embedded visual analytics with different degrees of functionality, the details and learning curve to create advanced data applications only become apparent as users try to implement their specific requirements, add interactivity, and integrate with their security infrastructure. To add to the complexity, a BI tool may offer separate embedding approaches, each with their limitations, to alleviate their shortcomings. For example, one approach if it is a simple web page, another approach if it is a custom web portal, and so on. Teams spend months of development effort trying to hack their BI tool to do what they need, only to end up with something hard to maintain t

ChartFactor 1.12 Released

The June 2019 release of ChartFactor is now available! ChartFactor, the leading solution to bring visual analytics to your data products, just got better and more useful to its growing customer base. This release introduces ChartFactor Studio's self-service UI for its most popular visualizations. Users can now configure charts with an intuitive user interface as with other BI tools. The main difference is its code transparency. To users, this means they can see the generated code as they configure and interact with their visualizations. And it is backwards compatible with existing Studio apps. Please note that not all functionality is currently available on the new self-service UI. Use

Creating advanced data applications and visualizations that users love

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