Bringing visual analytics to your product: Where to start

Many companies are providing valuable insights to their customers through NLP, machine learning, and many other technologies. Until recently, however, they had very limited options when adding visual analytics to their products. One of them is the home grown, custom built option. Although initially appealing and fun, building visual analytics is harder than it seems, takes too long to develop and maintain, and eats up valuable development resources quickly. Companies realize at some point that in the long run it is quicker, easier and more cost-effective to buy-in the capability so that they can concentrate on developing their core business code. This brings us to the next option, integratin

ChartFactor 1.10 Released

The January 2019 release of ChartFactor is now available This new release extends ChartFactor's lead as the best toolkit to build analytics on top of modern data. It introduces interaction rules to easily customize how visualizations react to user interactions beyond standard drill hierarchy definitions. Its optimizer improvements avoid re-querying data in some scenarios. And its Maps support has been extended with a full-featured Geo Charts module that can render custom shapes and markers. Markers in particular respond to aggregate and raw data queries and are customizable in many different ways including shape and color. And as usual, all these features are fully integrated in ChartFactor

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