Bringing analytics to data products rapidly with ChartFactor

Big data analytics is revolutionizing the way we interact with data across all industries. However, to bring analysis, visualizations and interactions to end users, software products usually go through a process that is lengthy, arduous, and hard to maintain. Many choose to integrate a Business Intelligence product and find themselves with additional infrastructure complexity and points of failure. Others choose to build these visualizations and interactions themselves and find their team caught up in a complex project instead of concentrating on developing their core product and business. To date, there is no well-established modular framework that simplifies the implementation of data pr

Aktiun Introduces ChartFactor to Speed Up the Implementation of Data Applications

Simplifies the Building and Maintenance of Data Visualization Applications FAIRFAX, VA. (PRWEB) MAY 21, 2018 Aktiun ( today announced the release of ChartFactor (, a component-based toolkit designed to speed up the implementation of data applications that visualize and interact with data. ChartFactor builds on and combines the latest advances in data visualization, data access, and simplified programing models. ChartFactor solves several problems faced by enterprises and their developers who need to integrate analytics into their data products. Connecting to one or more data technology is expensive; ChartFactor connects to many differe

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